Thaiguiden - Alt om ferie og reise i Thailand
Thaiguiden - Alt om ferie og reise i Thailand
Thaiguiden - Alt om ferie og reise i Thailand
Thaiguiden - Alt om ferie og reise i Thailand
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Hoteller - Chiang Mai

Har finner du hoteller i alle prisklasser. Book trygt og sikkert til markedets laveste priser

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Province :
Hotel name Hotel location Stars Rates / breakfast Promotions
VC @ Suanpaak Hotel Airport (nearby)   457 kr incl. recommend
Singha Montra Hotel Airport (nearby)   293 kr incl.
We Terminal Hotel Airport (nearby)   334 kr incl.
Baan U Sabai Boutique House Airport (nearby)   274 kr incl.
Andacura Bamboori Boutique Resort Chiang Mai Airport (nearby)   275 kr incl.
The Airport Greenery Airport (nearby)   209 kr incl.
San Pareni Hotel Airport (nearby)   246 kr incl. recommend
Plumeria Home Airport (nearby)   158 kr incl.
Casa Da Lua Chiang Mai Airport (nearby)   153 kr incl.
Noble Place Airport (nearby)   144 kr incl.
Airport Resident 2 Airport (nearby)   138 kr
Chiang Mai Hipster Hotel Mini Airport (nearby)   122 kr incl.
Chateau Chiangmai Hotel & Apartment Airport (nearby)   114 kr incl.
Sireeampan Boutique Resort & Spa Chang Phueak   1830 kr incl. recommend
Kireethara Boutique Resort Chang Phueak   703 kr incl.
We Valley Boutique Hotel Chang Phueak   263 kr incl.
Marisa Resort & Spa Chiang Dao Chiang Dao   237 kr incl.
Aurora Resort Chiang Dao Chiang Dao   149 kr incl. recommend
We Briza Chiang Mai Hotel City , Wangsingkam Road   215 kr recommend
Chankam Boutique Hotel City Center, Arak Road   633 kr incl.
Le Pure Hotel Chiangmai City Center, Arak Road   263 kr incl.
Roseate Hotel City Center, Chang Puek Gate   316 kr incl.
99 The Gallery Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   668 kr incl.
De Lanna Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   439 kr incl.
Cozytel Chiang Mai City Center, Jabaan Road   193 kr incl.
Buaraya Hotel City Center, Maneenopparat Rd.   135 kr recommend
De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai by The Unique Collection City Center, Moonmuang Road   949 kr incl.
Tapae Gate Villa City Center, Moonmuang Road   630 kr incl.
Eurana Boutique Hotel City Center, Moonmuang Road   308 kr incl. recommend
Sunny Hostel Chiang Mai City Center, Moonmuang Road   88 kr incl.
R.C.N. Court & Inn City Center, Moonmuang Road   79 kr recommend
Viang Luang Resort City Center, Prapokklao Rd.   506 kr incl.
Parasol Inn Old Town Hotel by Compass Hospitality City Center, Prapokklao Rd.   275 kr incl.
Rachamankha Retreat City Center, Rachamankha Road   1912 kr incl.
Walking Street Residence City Center, Rachamankha Road   138 kr recommend
BP Chiang Mai City Hotel City Center, Rachamankha Road   104 kr incl. recommend
Kodchasri Thani Chiang Mai City Center, Rachapakinai Road   949 kr incl. recommend
Sirilanna City Center, Rachapakinai Road   642 kr incl.
U Chiang Mai City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   851 kr incl.
Tamarind Village City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   681 kr incl.
Estia Chiangmai Boutique Hotel City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   268 kr recommend
Little Bear's Home City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   246 kr recommend
Cozy Inn Chiang Mai City Center, Samlarn Road   127 kr incl.
De Charme Hotel City Center, Singrat Road   281 kr incl. recommend
The Rim Resort Chiang Mai City Center, Suandok Gate   686 kr incl. recommend
Bodhi Serene City Center, Thapae Gate   513 kr incl.
Hotel M Chiang Mai City Center, Thapae Gate   372 kr incl. recommend
Top North Hotel City Center, Thapae Gate   155 kr incl. recommend
Royal Peninsula Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   138 kr incl. recommend
Royal Panerai Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   84 kr incl. recommend
Eco Resort Chiang Mai City, Bumrungrad Road   204 kr incl.
Khum Phucome Hotel City, Canal Road   226 kr incl.
V Residence Chiangmai City, Canal Road   212 kr incl.
Chiangmai Phucome Hotel City, Canal Road   186 kr incl.
Amora Tapae Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   522 kr incl. recommend
Miami Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   104 kr
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort City, Chang Klan Road   1160 kr incl.
dusitD2 chiang mai City, Chang Klan Road   625 kr incl. recommend
Dusit Princess Chiang Mai City, Chang Klan Road   500 kr recommend
Movenpick Suriwongse Hotel Chiang Mai City, Chang Klan Road   332 kr incl. recommend
Wiang Chang Klan Boutique Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   316 kr incl. recommend
Empress Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   300 kr incl. recommend
Park Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   218 kr incl.
Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   186 kr recommend
Maninarakorn Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   140 kr incl. recommend
Night Bazaar Place City, Chang Klan Road   112 kr
Viangngam Lanna Villa City, Chang Phueak   506 kr incl.
The Grand Napat City, Chang Phueak   308 kr incl. recommend
Vanilla Residence Chiang Mai City, Chang Phueak   196 kr recommend
The International Hotel Chiang Mai (YMCA) City, Chang Phueak   183 kr
Napatra Hotel City, Chang Phueak   158 kr recommend
Pattara Place City, Chang Phueak   114 kr incl.
Tarntong Boutique Hotel City, Chang Phueak   114 kr incl.
Lanna Boutique Resort City, Chang Phueak   110 kr incl. recommend
Puripunn the Baby Grand Boutique City, Charoenmuang   958 kr incl.
Rainforest Boutique Hotel City, Charoenmuang   175 kr incl.
Anantara Chiangmai Resort City, Charoenprathet Road   3131 kr incl.
Amata Lanna Chiang Mai, Member of the Secret Retre City, Charoenprathet Road   1160 kr incl. recommend
Na Nirand Romantic Boutique City, Charoenprathet Road   1011 kr incl.
Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   499 kr incl. recommend
Casa Marocc Hotel By Andacura City, Charoenprathet Road   138 kr incl.
C H Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   123 kr incl.
137 Pillars House City, Charoenrad Road   2337 kr incl. recommend
Sala Lanna Chiang Mai City, Charoenrad Road   695 kr incl. recommend
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort City, Charoenrad Road   645 kr incl. recommend
At Pingnakorn Riverside Hotel City, Charoenrad Road   360 kr incl. recommend
V Heritage Villa Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai Lamphun Rd.   355 kr incl.
BaanKhun Chiangmai Hotel City, Chiangmai-Lampang Rd.   140 kr incl.
Amata Lanna Village City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   479 kr incl.
La Villetta Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   186 kr incl.
Woodfield Resort Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   179 kr incl. recommend
Mango T.Villa Chiang Mai Resort City, Chiangmai-Sankampaeng Rd   457 kr incl.
The Luna Compass City, Chotana Road   122 kr incl.
Eastin Tan Chiang Mai City, Huay Kaew Road   542 kr recommend
At Pingnakorn Huaykaew Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   360 kr incl.
Furama Chiang Mai City, Huay Kaew Road   274 kr recommend
Chiangmai Hill 2000 Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   212 kr incl.
Baan Din Ki City, Huay Kaew Road   116 kr recommend
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   246 kr incl. recommend
Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   196 kr incl.
Get Zleep Premium Budget Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   186 kr recommend
Phowadol Place Chiang Mai City, Huay Kaew Road   158 kr incl.
Holiday Garden Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   145 kr incl. recommend
Shane Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road Soi 03   237 kr incl.
Royal Guest House City, Kotchasarn Road   81 kr
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa City, Loi Kroh Road   316 kr incl.
Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai City, Loi Kroh Road   321 kr
Chiangmai Night Bazaar Boutique Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   263 kr incl. recommend
Nap In Chiangmai City, Loi Kroh Road   303 kr incl.
Royal Lanna Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   202 kr incl. recommend
Star Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   168 kr incl. recommend
Basic Line Hotel @ LoiKroh City, Loi Kroh Road   78 kr recommend
Sri Anan Pura Hotel City, Nantaram Road   281 kr incl.
Cmor Hotel Chiang Mai by Andacura City, Nimmanhaemin area   202 kr recommend
U Nimman Chiang Mai City, Nimmanhaemin Road   817 kr incl.
Baiyoke Ciao Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   263 kr incl.
Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel Chiang Mai City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 03   553 kr recommend
Yantarasri Resort City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 06   495 kr incl. recommend
At Niman City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 09   615 kr incl.
Mayflower Grande Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 09   196 kr incl. recommend
De Chai The Oriental City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 11   482 kr incl. recommend
At Pingnakorn Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 12   272 kr incl.
S17 @ NIMMAN City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 17   232 kr recommend
Bakeroom1 Hostel City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 17   61 kr
Le Plateau Guesthouse City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 17   0 kr incl.
Sanae Hotel Chiang Mai City, Nimmanhaemin-Sukasem Rd.   420 kr incl.
Nimman Mai Design Hotel by Compass Hospitality City, Nimmanhaemin-Sukasem Rd.   355 kr incl. recommend
Nordwind Hotel City, Ragang Road   172 kr incl. recommend
Bossotel Inn City, Railway Road   186 kr incl.
Viang Dara City, Rat Chiang Saen 2 Road   0 kr incl.
Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa City, Rat-U-Tit Road   683 kr incl. recommend
Inspire House Hotel City, Ratanakosin Road   184 kr incl.
Yaang Come Village City, Sridonchai Road   676 kr incl. recommend
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   512 kr incl.
Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   268 kr incl.
Winner Inn Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   132 kr incl.
Lilu Hotel Chiang Mai City, Sridonchai Road   124 kr recommend
The Chaya Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai City, Suandok Road   372 kr incl.
Portofino Resort & Spa Chiangmai City, Super Highway   668 kr incl.
Khum Phaya Resort&Spa,Centara Boutique Collection City, Super Highway   624 kr incl. recommend
Eurasia ChiangMai Hotel City, Super Highway   369 kr incl. recommend
Wintree City Resort Chiangmai City, Super Highway   275 kr incl. recommend
Chiangmai Grandview Hotel & Convention Center City, Super Highway   253 kr incl. recommend
Tarin Hotel City, Super Highway   155 kr incl.
7 Days Hotel City, Super Highway   96 kr
iCheck inn Trams Square Chiang Mai City, Super Highway   0 kr incl.
Chiangmai Gate Hotel City, Suriyawong Road   186 kr incl.
Smile House Boutique City, Suriyawong Road   114 kr
The Small Hotel City, Tha Pae Road   145 kr incl. recommend
Banthai Village City, Thapae Road Soi 3   518 kr incl. recommend
De Chai The Colonial Hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 4   492 kr incl. recommend
Viang Thapae Resort City, Thapae Road Soi 4   323 kr incl. recommend
De chai the deco hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 5   645 kr incl.
Na Thapae Hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 6   229 kr incl.
Rimping Village City, Wat Kate   545 kr incl.
Tri Yaan Na Ros Colonial House City, Wua Lai Road   207 kr incl.
Angkhang Nature Resort Doi Angkhang, Fang   372 kr incl.
Vivo Bene Village Doi Saket   773 kr
Suwannatara Resort & Spa Doi Saket   331 kr incl.
Jasmine Hills Lodge Doi Saket   263 kr incl.
Is Am O Chiangmai Resort Doi Saket   211 kr
The Balcony Chiang Mai Village Fah Ham   879 kr incl.
Content Villa Chiang Mai Hang Dong   879 kr incl.
Veranda Resort & Spa Hang Dong   822 kr incl. recommend
Flora Creek Chiang Mai Hang Dong   775 kr incl.
Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai Hang Dong   510 kr incl. recommend
Chiangmai Royal Creek Hang Dong   246 kr incl.
Hernlhin Natural Resort Hang Dong   221 kr recommend
Phu Jaya Mini Resort by Sichuan Folk Group Hang Dong   196 kr incl. recommend
Lanna Resort Hang Dong   175 kr incl.
Chantra Khiri Chalet Chiang Mai Hang Dong, Baanpong   633 kr incl.
INSDA RESORT Chiang Mai Hang Dong, Baanpong   387 kr incl. recommend
Narittaya Resort and Spa Hang Dong, Namphrae   319 kr incl. recommend
Chiangmai Inthanon Golf & Natural Resort Jomthong (Inthanon)   258 kr incl.
Touch Star Resort Inthanon Jomthong (Inthanon)   149 kr incl. recommend
Maekok River Village Resort Mae Ai   474 kr incl.
Navasoung Resort Mae Chaem   175 kr incl.
Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort Mae Hia, Royal Park Rajapruek   879 kr incl.
Prat Rajapruek Resort & Spa Mae Hia, Royal Park Rajapruek   263 kr incl. recommend
Getaway Chiang Mai Resort & Spa Mae On   933 kr recommend
The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort Mae Rim   4835 kr recommend
Palm Spa Village Mae Rim   1020 kr incl. recommend
Proud Phu Fah Mae Rim   676 kr incl.
The Natural Healing Spa Retreat Mae Rim   672 kr incl.
Sukantara Cascade Resort Mae Rim   652 kr incl.
The Grand Morocc Hotel Mae Rim   578 kr incl. recommend
Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort Mae Rim   538 kr incl. recommend
Jirung Health Village Mae Rim   527 kr incl. recommend
Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai Mae Rim   527 kr incl. recommend
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Mae Rim   579 kr incl.
Mae-Rim Lagoon Hotel Mae Rim   274 kr incl.
Mae-Sa Valley Mae Rim   247 kr incl.
Rinrada Resort Mae Rim   175 kr incl.
Imperial Chiang Mai & Sports Club Mae Rim   171 kr incl.
Sibsan Resort & Spa, Maeteang Mae Taeng   468 kr incl. recommend
Baan Rai Lanna Resort Mae Taeng   195 kr incl.
Namrae Maewang Pairin Resort Mae Wang   253 kr incl. recommend
Sippa Hotspring Mea On   308 kr recommend
Amethyst Hotel Resort And Spa Padad   263 kr recommend
The Chiang Mai Riverside Padad, along Riverside   1402 kr recommend
Maraya Hotel & Resort Padad, along Riverside   473 kr
Sri-Ping Resort Padad, along Riverside   247 kr incl.
Zensala Riverpark Resort Patan   439 kr incl. recommend
Lanna Dusita Riverside Boutique Resort Patan   283 kr incl.
Baan Singkham Patan   175 kr incl. recommend
7days Hotel Patan Patan   88 kr
Baan Gong Kham Patan   88 kr incl.
Aomdoi Resort Phrao   122 kr incl.
Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiangmai San Pa Tong   448 kr incl.
Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping San Phi Suea   523 kr incl. recommend
Baan Suan Residence San Phi Suea   372 kr incl.
Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa San Phi Suea   341 kr incl.
Tianna Garden Village San Phi Suea   255 kr incl.
Life Grand Chiangmai San Phi Suea   116 kr incl.
Fern Paradise Sansai / Maejo   351 kr incl.
Golden Cupids Hotel Sansai / Maejo   325 kr incl.
Lifeup Resort & Spa Sansai / Maejo   165 kr incl. recommend
The Lofthouse Sansai Sansai / Maejo   132 kr incl.
De Wiang Kum Kam Sarapee, Wiang Kum Kam   297 kr incl.
Kham Mon Lanna Resort Tazala   791 kr incl. recommend
Radateeree Resort Tazala   466 kr incl.
Rawisara Villa Resort Tazala   457 kr incl.
Rates for Chiangmai hotels are subject to 7% VAT and 10% service charge.
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